[319] 2N73 16.24 London Euston – Northampton (2022)

[319] 2N73 16.24 London Euston – Northampton (2022)

22nd May 2022 7 By Bradleigh Ennis

LNWR currently operate a small fleet of Class 319s, to supliment the Class 350 fleet during busy periods. As of May 2022, most Class 319s have been stood down though 1 diagram per day remains.

On a warm Friday evening, everyone is eager to get home to enjoy what should be a sunny weekend. Unfortunately for you, your on the late shift tonight and your first job of the evening is to take a triple Class 319 formation from London Euston to Northampton during the start of the peak hour. (This scenario will end at Wolverton)

You are formed of 12 coaches, so please make sure you set the car lengh slider in the cab and to also stop at 12 car stop markers on the platform. (The front coach at Harrow & Wealdstone will not be on the main platform and as such, the doors have been disabled).

All passenger AI has been included from the May 2022 WTT including both London Overground and London Underground on the DC lines.
Wembley yards have been left empty as to not strain PC’s too much.
No freight is included, mostly due to none running during the rush hour except the odd Q path.

+AP Class 319 Volume 1 pack (& https://alanthomsonsim.com/downloads/class-319-london-midland-london-northwestern-railway-livery-pack/)
+Major Wales Class 390 revamp pack (Also requires AP Class 390 sound pack)
+DTG Portsmouth – London (And AP Class 350 Enhancement pack & https://alanthomsonsim.com/downloads/class-350-cab-and-pass-view-patch/)
+Just Trains Voyager 2019 Advanced (And Semaphore Simulations Voyager & Meridian Pack **DISCONTINUED PLEASE SEE BELOW**)
+DTG Chatham Mainline (And AP Class 375/377 Enhancement pack)*
+Backdated Sim Virtual District Line**

*-Static Only
**-Used for London Underground stock only

Semaphore signals has discountined the Voyager and Meridian pack, which this scenario uses for the Avanti Class 221 livery. For those who did not get this pack when it was avaliable, below are the consists that uses this pack and players can utilise TSTools to swap to any other suitable pack (Recommend using the Class 221 that comes with WCML South)
+15.50 Birmingham NS – London
+16.43 London – Edinburgh
+13.57 Holyhead/15.35 Chester – London

TSTools can be downloaded for free, and Alan Thompson has a very handy Youtube video to show how to swap consists in Scenarios.

Simply drag the ‘Content’ folder into your ‘Railworks’ folder (Usually found in Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/Common).