5Q83- 0907- Kilmarnock Bonnyton Depot- Yoker C.S.

5Q83- 0907- Kilmarnock Bonnyton Depot- Yoker C.S.

18th August 2020 1 By CWilson4747

*Please Note This Scenario Is For The Original Freeware Version of Suburban Glasgow and Therefore Will Not Work on the Rivet Games Version*

With the rolling stock in Scotland getting upgraded it was the turn of the Class 320/3s to get treatment. A TBOX Overhaul getting carried out by Brodies of Kilmarnock upgrading the safety of the doors, the brakes, pantograph and giving the unit a full repaint. With EMUs being unable to head to the unelectrified Kilmarnock a diesel locomotive is required to take the units to and from Brodies. Today you are tasked to take Class 320313 back from Brodies, you will start at Paisley Gilmour Street, where you will set up Class 37884 before heading to Shields Junction, and then onwards to Rutherglen West Junction and onto Yoker C.S. calling at Glasgow Central Low Level for a brief crew change. Please be on the look out for yellow and red signals as passenger services will get priority over you.

Scenario Length: 50 minutes

The Journey Itself: https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/K02397/2020-08-17/detailed


Suburban Glasgow (suburban-glasgow.org.uk)

Rolling Stock:
Class 37 Pack Vol. 1 (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 320/321 Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Abellio Scotrail Class 380 Reskin (Vulcan Productions)
Class 318 Saltire Reskin (suburban-glasgow.org.uk) (Requires DTG Class 455/8)
Class 334 Saltire Reskin (suburban-glasgow.org.uk) (Requires DTG Class 360)
BH Class 390 Reskin Pack (Alan Thomson Sim)*

Additional Requirements:
Class 320 LED Light Patch (Major Wales Design)
Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Enhancement (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement (Armstrong Powerhouse)

* denotes stationery stock, not required for the scenario to run

Hope you enjoy the scenario!