4S04 Lancaster to Smalmstown MoD – BR Blue Class 37 Express Freight

4S04 Lancaster to Smalmstown MoD – BR Blue Class 37 Express Freight

22nd April 2021 0 By CSWalker

Description: At Lancaster station take over as driver of a double-headed Class 37 express freight train originating from Liverpool Docks delivering catering equipment, dried foods, cotton and linen goods to the Ministry of Defence at Smalmstown in Scotland. You will need to stop at Harrisons Down Loop to allow a northbound passenger express to pass through. Maximum permitted speed is 75mph.
Set during the British Rail period of autumn 1978.

Scenario Title: [csw] 4S04 Lancaster To Smalmstown MoD
Scenario Type: Standard
Start Time: 07:34am
Duration: 1hr 35mins
Difficulty: Medium
Route: DTG WCML Over Shap

DLC Required:
DTG WCML Over Shap route
DTG BR Class 101
DTG European Loco And Asset Pack
TS Marketplace BR Blue Class 20 Add-On Livery (requires DTG Class 20)
TS Marketplace VCA 45t GLW 2 axle vans Wagon Pack (Fastline Simulation)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol. 2
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 86 Enhancement Pack (requires DTG Class 86)
Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1
Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2A-C Coach Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2D-F Coach Pack
Vulcan Productions BR Blue Class 47 Pack – Pre 1985 (requires Armstrong Powerhouse Class 47 Sound Pack Pro)

Optional DLC:
Armstrong Powerhouse Sky And Weather Enhancement Pack (scenario will default to DTG weather if not installed)