[SC] 5P92 York – York Siemens Depot

[SC] 5P92 York – York Siemens Depot

24th November 2021 3 By Strangechris

[SC] 5P92 York – York Siemens Depot

Route: OTS Harrogate Loop V2
Route Covered: York P4 – Holgate Yard – York Siemens Depot
Traction: TPE Class 185
Date: September 2007
Time at start: 2038
Weather at start: Sunset
Duration: 25 minutes
Difficulty: 2/5

You’ve just arrived at York from Scarborough as a double unit with the front unit detaching and
continuing on to Manchester Airport. You will take the rear unit over to the Depot via a reversal
in Holgate Yard. It’s quite busy and as you’re only ECS you’ll have to await your path.

AP Sky/Weather pack
AP Class 142
AP Class 150/2
AP Class 43 Valenta Enhancement pack
AP Class 66 Enhancement pack
AP Class 67 Enhancement pack
AP Class 91/Mk4 Enhancement pack
AP Class 158/159 Cummins Enhancement pack
AP BAA/BZA wagon pack
AP HHA Wagon pack

ATS Class 185

DTG Class 143 Provincial Sector

JT Class 20 Collection (with RHTT wagons)
JT Class 60 with BH reskins pack
JT Class 221 Voyager 2019

Major Wales Class 143/144 Revamp pack

OTS Harrogate Loop V2

RSC Class 66 EWS
RSC Class 66 Freightliner
RSC Class 67 EWS
RSC Class 91
RSC Class 159