2W09 07:19 Southampton Central to Weymouth

2W09 07:19 Southampton Central to Weymouth

18th June 2020 3 By The Trainspotter from Tauranga

Here is a scenario for DTG’s South Western Mainline route.

On a busy Wednesday morning, you will drive a Class 444 Desiro on a stopping service west of Southampton. Due to very limited route build you will only drive this service as far as Bournemouth, stopping at all stations on the way:

Ashurst New Forest
Beaulieu Road
New Milton
Hinton Admiral

2W09 is one of the few electric services that calls at Millbrook and Redbridge. The normal trains that serve these stations are Class 158’s on the unusual “figure 6” service from Salisbury to Romsey via Southampton and Eastleigh.

The DLC/other add-on requirements for this scenario are as follows:

South Western Mainline – Southampton to Bournemouth
Network Southeast Class 159
Freightliner Class 70

(Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack

(Just Trains)
Voyager Advanced

And I think that’s pretty much everything for now. Thank you for downloading and happy driving!