2P20 & 2P19 Norwich – Great Yarmouth & Rtn (Class 37 Diagram)

2P20 & 2P19 Norwich – Great Yarmouth & Rtn (Class 37 Diagram)

19th March 2020 0 By stanley Carr

Hello, In this scenario you will take charge of 37424 + 37716 from Norwich to Great Yarmouth (2P20) and the return service (2P19) Norwich is quite busy today and your return service will be quite full due to a 156 failure at Great Yarmouth. this scenario is based on the actual service on the 22nd of July 2019. and is a semi realistic scenario. hope you enjoy

P.S this is my first scenario hope you enjoy 🙂

AP: Class 37
AP: 156 Pack
AP: Class 170 Enhancement Pack
AP: 42 Scenario Pack
Steam: GEML Class 90
Steam: Freightliner Class 57
Steam: Freightliner and EWS Class 08
Steam: Class 170
Vulcan Productions: Class 37 WIPAC Lights
Superalbs: Class 57 DRS 57/3
Alan Thomson sim: RSS Class 08 Reskin


Vulcan Productions: Class 90 and MK3 Patch
MJW: AGA DVT Headlight Patch
AP: Weather Enhacement Pack
RW Enhancer