2U16 0823 Longbridge to Four Oaks

2U16 0823 Longbridge to Four Oaks

19th May 2021 8 By Adam Haigh

This morning you’re in charge of a peak-time stopping service from Longbridge to Four Oaks, following along service 2U16, departing Longbridge at 08:23. Timings are taken from the May 2017 WTT.

50 minute scenario for DTG’s Birmingham Cross City line on Steam.

– Birmingham Cross City.

Armstrong Powerhouse (and their dependencies):
– Weather EP;
– Class 170 EP;
– Class 43 MTU EP;
– HHA hoppers;
– Class 66 EP.

– Voyager Advanced.

Alan Thomson Sim (and their dependencies):
– Class 350 Pass View Patch.

Major Wales Design (and their dependencies):
– Class 390 Revamp.

It is highly recommended to install the Class 323 Sound Pack on ATS. It makes the 323 driveable.

Update 1.2 2021-05-19
– Changed vehicles with no driver in AI Class 323s to use the sound pack.

Update 1.1 2021-05-19
– Changed the rear coach on the player 323 so it uses the sound pack.