2R79 1820 Lichfield TV to Redditch

2R79 1820 Lichfield TV to Redditch

26th March 2023 2 By Adam Haigh

While the sun sets, drive a pair of Class 323 units from Lichfield Trent Valley to Redditch, calling at all stations except Duddeston. Year: 2017.

90-minute scenario for Birmingham Cross City route by DTG.

Alan Thomson Sim (and their dependencies):
– BH Class 390 Reskin Pack (WCML-South Version).

Armstrong Powerhouse (and their dependencies):
– Signal EP;
– Weather EP V2;
– Class 43 MTU EP;
– Class 150 EP;
– Class 170 EP;
– Class 350 EP.

– Voyager Advanced 2019.

– ZCA Sea Urchins.

Vulcan Productions (and their dependencies):
– Class 323 WM V2.0.