Long goodbbye

Long goodbbye

28th March 2023 4 By North East Scotland Railway videos

The long good bye

The APT have finally been withdrawen after decades of people feeling sick when they tilt. This is the last unit in service and you are to drive this last service 1Z66 from Carlisle to London Euston although has you are a Glasgow driver and has usual crew change at Preston. This is designed to be a three part sceanrio on the same day and you will be driving a Pendolino back upto Glasgow (these will be tested amd published soon)

Note guys due to their not being a 397 for TPE I have used 185 and 350s has substitues, I liked the plan Blue 156 o Northern so placed that in to despite the sceanrio being set October 2023

Installition copy the file into your routes folder named ce4052d1-669a-4529-b16b-1972fc32913a



WCML South and MJW 390 patche and liveries


you will need the 57 freightliner —- static
57 railtour ——– static

Vulcan Northern belle 57 repaint —- static

dp sim’s 66 721 and it’s requirements

66 pack 2

156 pack
37s static only
MK2 D pack — static
66 enhancment pack
68 enhancement pack and the requirements there for
57 sound pack ——static
Signal pack
weather 2.0
Track pack
350 enhancement pack and its requirements