1Z35 12:16 Barking to Bletchley TMD ‘Silverlink Swansong No. 1’

1Z35 12:16 Barking to Bletchley TMD ‘Silverlink Swansong No. 1’

26th March 2023 9 By Bill Dalton

To commemorate the end of the Silverlink franchise, a series of railtours were organised, covering almost all of the Silverlink network, as well as some non-passenger lines. In this scenario, you’ll be driving the Barking to Bletchley TMD leg as far as Chiswick.

Date: Saturday 3rd November 2007
Track Covered: Barking to Chiswick via Gospel Oak and Willesden Junction
Traction: 37 417 and 37 410 (EWS)

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Update log:
26/03/2023 V1.0: Initial Release
27/03/2023 V1.1: Updated to make 37410 Dead on Rear as per reality for this railtour.

Please ensure you have the most up-to-date versions of all add-ons.
C2C 357s substituted with LTS 317/1s


(From Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol. 1
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 86 Enhancement Pack
Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack
Class 313 EMU Pack
Class 314/315 EMU Pack
Class 317 EMU Pack Vol. 1
Class 350 Enhancement Pack
Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack
MK1 Coach Pack Vol. 1
MK2 a-c Coach Pack
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
JNA-C Wagon Pack
JHA Wagon Pack
Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0
Signal Enhancement Pack

(From Steam)
North London and Goblin Lines Route
North Somerset Railway* (optional – just for trainspotters on some platforms)

(From Alanthomsonsim)
MPV (Goldstartrains)