2P65 2015 Hop on For Haslemere

2P65 2015 Hop on For Haslemere

9th February 2021 1 By Aaron Bennett

I this scenario, you will be taking a semi fast service from London Waterloo to Haslemere, calling at:

– Clapham Junction
– Woking
– Guildford
– Farncombe
– Godalming
– Milford
– Witley (Surrey)
– Haslemere

On your journey, you will pass through the outskirts of Grater London and then pass the small towns in North East Surrey, and then call at Woking, which is a major station, as the line continues to Basingstoke and Southampton. (on the South West Mainline) and the Portsmouth Direct Line) Once you reach Guildford, you will be at another large station, which splits off the Portsmouth Direct Line, to Aldershot and Ascot, (along the Ascot–Ash Vale line) Epsom and Cobham, along the New Guildford Line and the North Downs Line, between Reading and Gatwick Airport. You will then pass over Shalford Junction and call at all stations to Haslemere.

Time of Day:
Weather: Clear with Low Wind
Duration:65 Mins
Difficulty: Easy


Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 411 Multiple Unit Pack
Weather and Sky Enhancement Pack

Danny Leach’s Railworks Blog: http://alienworlds.co.uk/blog/
Class 455 Class 455/8 (PDE) Reskin Pack (Superior Version)

The Portsmouth Direct Line (Waterloo to Portsmouth)

Patch Portals for Scenario Creators https://alanthomsonsim.com/downloads/patch-portals-for-scenario-creation/