2L13 21:03 Larkhall To Milngavie

2L13 21:03 Larkhall To Milngavie

12th May 2019 0 By BiteSizeScenarios

This scenario will take approximately 62 minutes (1hr 2m) to complete.

On a surprisingly clear Autumns evening in the late 90’s you will be taking charge of 2L13, a 3 car Class 303 EMU forming the 21:03 stopping passenger service from Larkhall to Milngavie.
You will be making a total of 22 stops as you call at all stations via Glasgow Central low level, and even with it being late at night there is still quite a lot of traffic on the lines.

This run has been based on accurate train times from the Scotrail timetable (9 Dec 2018 – 18 May 2019) and verified against Realtime Trains. Due to the fact that many parts of the current network either didn’t exist or were not electrified there will be variations from what the services actually were in the time when the scenario is set.

To play this scenario you will need the following:

Suburban Glasgow Route V5.2e (NON Workshop version with Full Detail Pack)

For the route to be properly detailed ensure you own all the prerequisites

Steam Add-Ons

BR Class 303 EMU Add-On

Class 156 Loco Add-On

Armstrong Powerhouse Add-Ons

Class 303 Sound Pack (Essential for SPT livery reskin)

Class 314/315 Electric Multiple Unit Pack

Class 321 Electric Multiple Unit Pack

Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

Reskins Required

(These Reskins are included in the Full Detail pack for Suburban Glasgow V5.2e)

Class 320 Reskin Pack by Gary Lennon