Random AP Weather Triggers (script)

Random AP Weather Triggers (script)

12th May 2019 3 By ozdazz

This is a ScenarioScript.lua file to be used with the Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack.

It extends the existing triggers by:
– allowing them to be triggered at a random time
– allowing them possibly to not trigger at all (based on probability)
– allowing them to be selected randomly (for variety)

Use of this script may be ideal if you create and play your own scenarios. Or if you have your own ‘go to’ scenario which you run regularly (eg to test new rolling stock) – creating a bit of random weather will give it some variety.

A rtf (rich text format) readme file has been included with information on the triggers and their use (including examples)

Simply extract all files (it will create its own folder containing the script and documentation) and copy the ScenarioScript.lua file into the folder of the new scenario you have created. You will need to read the manual to get an idea on how the four types of triggers work together.

Please contact me should you encounter any bugs, need help, wish to provide feedback or discuss this further.