2F19 09:50 London Waterloo-Woking (2006)

2F19 09:50 London Waterloo-Woking (2006)

17th November 2022 2 By Cactus732

Scenario Route: DTG Portsmouth Direct Line
Scenario Length: 50 Minutes
Track Covered: Waterloo-Woking

Drive unrefurbished 455736 leading refurbished classmate 707 on a 2006 stopping service from London Waterloo to Woking.


AP Class 158/159 Cummins EP
AP Class 170EP
AP Class 375/377EP
AP Class 444/450EP
AP Class 455EP Volumes 1+2
AHS Class 373*
DTG Class 442 + James Ivell (ATS) Southwest Trains + South West Trains Pre-C6 reskins
MKS Class 460
Virtual District Line*

All AP Products have their own requirements which are also needed as usual.

*Eurostar and London Underground services do not conflict with mainline AI so the scenario should function without them, but it has NOT been tested that way.