[RS] 90016 (86261) – 1A89 1532 Warrington R.M.T – Wembley (1999)

[RS] 90016 (86261) – 1A89 1532 Warrington R.M.T – Wembley (1999)

11th April 2022 17 By 87002RS-John

Hello, this is one ‘standard’ scenario for the lovely ‘WCML Midlands & Northwest’ route from ATS.
Length: Approximately. 70 minutes.

To install, simply extract the .zip file using whichever software you have and copy the ‘Content’ folder to your RailWorks install “usually” found here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks

>Scenario Guide:
You begin this scenario at Warrington mail terminal ready to set off with 1A89 the 15:32 departure to Wembley which you will oversee as far as Stafford this afternoon. You have RES liveried 90016 as your traction but you also have EWS liveried 86261 dead behind which is being moved to Wembley so it can work a train back north later on. No issues have been reported so far and it’s a lovely late summer’s day for your drive south, enjoy. A detailed manual with links to everything you need is included with the download.

The following do require *ALL* their listed dependencies to function as intended:

WCML Trent Valley Route Add-on:
YQA Parr Wagon Pack:

>Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol.1:
Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol.2:
Class 43 (Valenta)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack:
Class 56 Enhancement Pack:
Class 86 Enhancement Pack:
AP Waggonz Class 90/Mk3 DVT Pack:
Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack:
Class 150/2 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack:
Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack:
Class 325 Enhancement Pack:
Mk1 Coach Pack Vol.1:
Mk2 D-F Coach Pack:
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack:
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack:

>Alan Thomson Sim:
WCML Midlands & Northwest (Phase 4 is required):
Virgin Trains Loco Hauled Pack: (+ dependencies)

>Just Trains:
VGA/VKA Wagon PlusPak:
Cargowaggon IWB PlusPak:

>Major Wales Design:
HST Revamp Pack:

That’s it for this one, I really hope you enjoy the drive. Please do feel free to leave feedback, questions, or any issues you may have via the download page on the website or via the ATS Facebook Group and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Look forward to hearing your comments as always.

>Update Log: 11/04/22 – v1.0 – Initial Release.
>My other creations can be found here: https://alanthomsonsim.com/shop/87002rs/

Take care, enjoy,
John (87002RS)