2D95 10:22 Whitby to Darlington

2D95 10:22 Whitby to Darlington

9th February 2021 1 By The Trainspotter from Tauranga

This is a standard-mode scenario for the old ECML North East route from DP Simulation.

It’s a typically grey and rainy day in the north of England, and you’ve just taken over a Class 142 Pacer at Middlesbrough on her way to Darlington. You will complete this ex-Whitby service, who’s remaining station stops are as follows:

Allens West

(You’ll have a clear run all the way to Darlington, as traffic is very quiet today).

Duration – 32 minutes
Difficulty Level – Easy

This scenario requires the following DLC and 3rd-party content:

ECML – London to Peterborough
European Loco & Asset Pack

(DP Simulation)
[DPS-RLS] East Coast Mainline North East

(Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 142 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
Class 156 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack

(Alan Thomson Sim)
Class 800 IET LNER ‘Azuma’

(Major Wales Design)
Class 142 Revamp Pack
Ex-Northern Rail Class 142