2B84 1420 Glasgow Central to Lanark

2B84 1420 Glasgow Central to Lanark

22nd November 2020 1 By Henry Primrose

Drive a ScotRail class 320 between Glasgow Central & Lanark (via Bellshill) on a dull autumn afternoon. Your station stops along the way will be Cambuslang (14:30), Uddingston (14:34), Bellshill (14:39), Motherwell (14:44), Shieldmuir (14:50), Wishaw (14:53), Carluke (15:02), & finally Lanark (15:11). No problems with late running trains in the area soshould make for a nice wee drive down the WCML.

Requirements: Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 158 Cummins EP
Class 156 Pack
Class 320/321/322 Pack
Class 66 EP
Class 68 EP
Class 390 SP
Class 92 SP
BR MK2D-F Pack

Network Southeast 159
DTG Class 390 (Discontinued version)
Class 66 (freightliner + EWS packs)
Class 68
WCML North

ScotRail Class 156 destinations
ScotRail class 158+170 destinations
Class 320/321/322 ScotRail destinations
Class 380 ScotRail destinations
Class 92 Caledonian Sleeper reskin
MK3 Sleeper pack (First/Serco reskins)

Vulcan Productions:
Class 158 ScotRail Branding Patch
Abellio ScotRail Class 380

Major Wales Designs:
Class 158 Plawwie Patch
Class 320 LED Headlights Patch
AWC Class 390 pack

ZZA Snowplough