5Z48 Swanage – Southall WCR

5Z48 Swanage – Southall WCR

22nd November 2020 2 By Ben Broomfield

Drive SR Bulleid 34052 ‘Lord Dowding’ (Braunton in disguise) on its light engine move to Southall from Swanage, after being serviced on the railway yesterday evening, after coming off a railtour at Weymouth.
Not having been turned at Swanage, we’ll be running tender first to Southall (as far as St Denys on the route), meaning we will be limited to a MAX of 45mph for the move.


*Required for intended immersion


(BMG) SR Bulleid Light Pacific Pack

(AP) Mk1 Carriage Pack Vol. 1

(DTG) Southampton – Bournemouth Route


(AP) Class 66 Enhancement Pack*
(AP) Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack*
(AP) Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack*
(AP) FSA/FTA Wagon Pack*
(AP) Weather Pack*

(DTG) Bristol – Swansea (For FL Class 70)*

(JT) Class 220/221 Voyager*

(ATS) Voyager Consists*
(ATS) Bodge It TMD – Freightliner Class 66 Pack (May not be required)*

PLUS associated requirements

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