1Z39 13:33 London Marylebone to Swansea

1Z39 13:33 London Marylebone to Swansea

13th May 2020 0 By Cactus732

During 2015 Engineering works at London Paddington, GWR services were diverted to London Waterloo and Marylebone. South Wales services were routed to the latter with a reversal at Banbury as the Oxford-Bicester line wasn’t open all the way yet. You will be in charge of the first leg of a westbound service nonstop between London and Banbury.

Scenario Route: JT Chiltern Mainline
Scenario Length: 55 Minutes


AP MTU HST EP + VP ‘43172’ Harry Patch + Ash992478 (VP) Bristol 2015 Power Cars
AP 168/170/171EP
JT Voyager
Virtual District Line*
AP Class 68EP*
APW Class 90 + VP Chiltern Railways Mk3 DVT*
VP Chiltern Railways Mk3 AP Patch*

*=Static and/or London Underground AI not required for full functionality

-As with the southbound scenario 1Z40, this is not a perfect recreation of the 2015 workings. I do have a more accurate idea of timings for the westbound services, but they are not exact, in addtion, AI is protoypical Chiltern Mainline based on a 2019 Saturday timetable and GWR powercars are numbered based on video footage of these workings-