4M25 Mossend Euroterminal – Daventry v1.1

4M25 Mossend Euroterminal – Daventry v1.1

14th May 2020 11 By TrainSimTV_Tom

4M25 Mossend Euroterminal – Daventry

A Scenario for the West Coast Mainline Midlands and North West Phase 2

Thank you for downloading this scenario, the file provided can be installed in two ways. You can either install the RWP file via the Utilities program found within your Train Simulator Directory. Or simply by opening the RWP file up with 7zip and drag and drop into your Railworks folder.

Traction: Class 68013 with Class 90040 & 90036 Dead in Tow.
Route Covered: Wigan to Stafford via Crewe avoiding lines
Date: 13/11/2019
Duration: 85 Minutes

Description: Good afternoon driver, you join 4M25 outside of Wigan North Western. Currently things are not going quite so well as hoped. The working is currently 187L due to an issue arrising with 90040. 68013 was sent to recover the train and has now been set to haul the working to Daventry. Get yourself moving as soon as possible please driver! Known issue: Unfortunately every time you leave the cab and then rejoin the cabview the game will force you into the rear cab. I cannot for figure out as to why this keeps happening. Even after changing the end the Class 68 is leading from it still does the same issue. So please be prepared for some cab swapping each time.

Scenario Requirements


Missing Link Phase 2 – Alan Thomson Sim
Scotrail Class 68 Loco Addon – Steam Store
Class 68 Enhancement Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 90/MK3 DVT Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
WCML Trent Valley – Steam Store
DB Cargo Class 90 Pack by Bodge It TMD – Alan Thomson Simulation
Class 319 Electric Multiple Unit Pack Vol. 1 – Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 150/2 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
BR Class 150/1 DMU Addon – Steam Store
Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 390 EMU Addon “original” – Steam Store
Freightliner Class 70 Loco Addon – Steam Store
Portsmouth Direct Line Waterloo to Portsmouth – Steam Store
Class 350 Enhancement Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
Voyager Advanced 2019 – Just Trains
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
EWS Class 66 v2.0 Loco Addon – Steam Store
Freightliner Class 66 v2.0 Loco Addon – Steam Store
Class 66 Enhancement Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
Network SouthEast Class 159 DMU Addon – Steam Store
Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 350 Cab and Pass View Patch – Alan Thomson Simulation
Class 158 – Northern Variants – Alan Thomson Simulation
UKTS IDs: 34638 & 39569

Non Essential
European Loco and Asset Pack only required if you purchased Train Simulator after September 2012 – Steam Store UKTS Freeware Pack: UK Wagons #1 – UK Train Sim
EWS & Freightliner Class 08s Loco Addon – Steam Store
Cargowaggon IWB PlusPak – Just Trains
Chatham Main & Medway Valley Lines Route Addon – Steam Store
DB Schenker Class 59/2 Loco Addon – Steam Store
Class 67 Advanced & Car Carriers – Just Trains
Class 90 (Freightliner) Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 86 Loco Addon – Steam Store
Class 86 Enhancement Pack – Enhancement Pack
JJA Autoballaster PlusPak Advanced – Just Trains
JNA-C Wagon Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
HHA Wagon Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse

Recommended Patch
UKTS IDs: 23786

Change Log List

V1.1: 17-05-2020 Fix to AI 4M58 Southampton M.C.T – Garston F.L.T “Collision Error”
Removal of ASDA Container reskin which was causing a possible crash for players loading.
Missing requirements added for variants of Class 350 and Class 158.