1Z40 09:22 Swansea to London Marylebone

1Z40 09:22 Swansea to London Marylebone

13th May 2020 1 By Cactus732

Back in 2015 we were still optimistic that engineers would be able to complete crossrail sometime this century and, to enable them to complete the necessary improvements at Paddington, the station was closed over the Christmas period with Bristol and Devon/Cornwall services diverted via the Southwestern Mainline to Waterloo and Swansea services diverted via Oxford, Banbury and the Chiltern Mainline into Marylebone. You will join a service from Swansea at Banbury and will be driving nonstop to Marylebone with 43025 leading.

Scenario Route: JT Chiltern Mainline
Scenario Length: 1hr 5 Minutes


AP MTU HST EP + VP 43172 ‘Harry Patch’ + BH Reskins 43146 ‘Building a Greater West’
AP Class 170EP
Virtual District Line*
AP Class 68EP*
APW Class 90* + VP Chiltern Mk3 DVT* + VP Chiltern MK3 AP Patch*

*=Optional Static/London Underground AI not required for full scenario functionality

-While I tried to make the AI and timings as accurate as possible I was unable to find the exact timings for these workings so it’s more of a representation of what this run was like rather than a perfect recreation. Based on videos from the period the HST power cars were used on the day although I can’t guarantee on the exact services which they appear in the scenario.-