1T12 1942 London Kings Cross to Kings Lynn

1T12 1942 London Kings Cross to Kings Lynn

14th April 2021 0 By Adam Forsyth

Having took over a service at Ely, you oversee a return service to Kings Lynn calling at all stations en-route on a lovely summers evening and returning from Kings Lynn at 2137. With the 365s soon to be withdrawn from the Fen Line, enjoy them while you can. Based Summer 2016

4 Aspects Simulations ‘The Fen Line’ route

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 365 Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 317 EMU Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 170 Enhancement Pack

Vulcan Productions Cross Country Class 170 Reskin Pack

This scenario has been fully tested however should you find any issues, then please let me know via the comment section. All feedback is welcome