1R62 – Norwich To Liverpool Lime Street

1R62 – Norwich To Liverpool Lime Street

30th November 2020 3 By DieselTerminal

1R62 – Norwich To Liverpool Lime Street

In this scenario you will take the controls of 158799 from Manchester Piccadilly platform 14 to Liverpool Lime Street Platform 7, you will be calling at Manchester Oxford Road, Warrington Central, Widnes and Liverpool South Parkway in between!

This is my second public release scenario and is not very heavy on AI, the AI is not on an accurate timetable but is as I think it would be. Thanks for playing 🙂

Good morning Driver! Today you will be driving this East Midlands class 158 on the 1039 Norwich To Liverpool Lime Street, you will be taking control of the train here, at Piccadilly. You are restricted to 75mph today due to the 156 on the rear of the formation. Good luck! Your first stop is Manchester Oxford Road!



DTG Liverpool – Manchester Route


-AP Class 158 EPs (With Associated Requirements)


-AP Class 156 Pack


-Major Wales East Midlands Railway Purple 156 Reskin


Not Essential (For AI)

– North Wales Coastal (DISCONTINUED – Available With Copies Of TS2018)

– AP Class 66 EP (With Associated Requirements)
– AP Class 86 EP (With Associated Requirements)
– AP Class 68 EP (With Associated Requirements)
– AP Class 150/2 Pack
– AP Class 319 Pack 1 & 2
– AP Class 142 Pack

Hope you enjoy 🙂