South Wales Main Line – Modernised (Phase 1)

South Wales Main Line – Modernised (Phase 1)

30th November 2020 23 By The GWRailfan

My first route upgrade! This project aims to take the recently re-released South Wales Main Line (previously known as South Wales Coastal) route to how it is now. A LOT has changed in the 4 years since the route was made!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This route DOES NOT overwrite the original route. This route was created by cloning the original and working on the clone. So if for whatever reason you want to use the un-modified version, don’t worry, it’ll still be there!

ROUTE REQUIREMENTS (will definitely change as the route is developed further)

DTG South Wales Main Line route*

MajorWalesDesign IET Stop Marker Pack

That’s it so far!

*: Those who bought South Wales Coastal: Bristol – Swansea before it was removed from sale (like I did) have been given this new, unbranded version of the route for free.

Details on how to install the route can be found in the readme.


So far (Phase 1), the only changes are the additions of IET stop marker boards at the stations where IETs stop at (Bristol Parkway, Newport, Cardiff Central, Bridgend, Port Talbot Parkway and Neath, there are none at Swansea because it’s the end of the line). However, I also had to create two Quick Drive scenarios so the route can be driven in this way. You can start at all the stations listed above plus Bristol Temple Meads, Cardiff Queen Street, Cardiff Bay (to Queen Street only) and Swansea to any other station on the route.


Phase 1 (Current):
Add IET Stop Marker Boards at stations where they are needed
Add Quick Drive Scenarios

Phase 2:
Add OHLE between Bristol Parkway and Cardiff Central as it is in real life (In progress)
Pilning – “Upgrade” station by making Platform 2 abandoned and removing footbridge as per reality (Complete)
Replace all car stop markers and speed limit signs with the 4 Aspect Simulations ones (In progress)

Phase 3:
Add new pair of fast lines between Dr Day’s Junction (outside Bristol Temple Meads) and Filton Abbey Wood
Add Filton Abbey Wood Platform 4
Update some scenery aspects (trees, vegetation etc)

Again, if anyone is willing to help with Phase 2 and/or 3 it would be greatly appreciated!

If you find any issues with the route of have any questions, leave a comment on here and I will respond ASAP.

The GWRailfan 🙂