5Q78 0720 Ely Mlf Papworth Sidings to Newport Docks (Simsgroup)

5Q78 0720 Ely Mlf Papworth Sidings to Newport Docks (Simsgroup)

12th February 2021 7 By josh g lake

Drive A class 37 with a rank off 7 ex FGW MK3 Coaches off for scraping. You will take this service to Peterborough where another driver will take over the rest of this run.

ATS Cambridge to Peterborough

AP Class 37 – WIPAC Patch: https://www.cynxs-stuff.com/scenarios/misc.html


AP JAX/POA Wagon Pack


AP CLASS 37 locomotive Vol.1

AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack

AP Class 43 MUT MK3 Enhancement Pack

AP Class 156

AP Sky& Weather Enhancement Pack

AP Class 170 Enhancement Pack

AP MK1 Coach Pack vol.1 (BRMk1Pack01) https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/rolling_stock/coach/mk1_coach_pack_vol_1

DTG Class 800 From ECML South

ATS Class 800 EIT Azuma (By ACESTRAINS)

Please let me Know if I have missed Anything and any issue you might have with the scenario.

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Update Log:

12/02/2021: headcode updated to correct one.
26th/02/2021: Updated Requirement List on website