1P41 1340 Norwich to London Liverpool Street

1P41 1340 Norwich to London Liverpool Street

10th April 2020 9 By MrDreamliner

Hello and thank you for downloading! This is one scenario for DTG’s ‘GEML: London to Ipswich’ route…

In mid-2002, an Anglia Railways 86 was involved in a serious fire accident which saw it being temporarily withdrawn from front line service. As a result, an additional loco was required, and Virgin Trains kindly opted to donate 86209 ‘City of Coventry’ to help out on Eastern-based duties. Now a regular occurrence on the mainline take control of a Southbound express. Year: 2003


• Great Eastern Mainline: London to Ipswich
• Class 57
• Class 66 EWS
• Class 66 Freightliner
• Class 86
• Class 170

Armstrong Powerhouse
• Class 43 (Valenta)/MK3 Enhancement Pack
• Class 66 Enhancement Pack
• Class 86 Enhancement Pack
• Class 90 MK3/DVT Pack
• Class 150-2 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
• Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack (And Extra Stock Pack!!)
• Class 314/315 Electric Multiple Unit Pack
• Class 321 Electric Multiple Unit Pack
• FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
• HIA Wagon Pack
• MK2D-F Coach Pack
• MK2F DBSO Coach Pack
• Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

…and that’s it for this scenario. My other creations can be found here