1O65 16:23 Rugby – Gatwick Airport (1999)

1O65 16:23 Rugby – Gatwick Airport (1999)

21st May 2023 12 By Harrebarrevarre

Connex South Central are running a service between Gatwick Airport and Rugby to relieve overcrowding on the Thameslink route. You will drive a Rugby to Gatwick Airport service along the WCML during the winter evening rush into Euston on the 13th of January 1999.

Due to a signal fault between Rugby and Northampton, you are routed via the direct line. You will only call at Milton Keynes Central and Watford Junction along the way and your departure has been set back. Expect a low priority because of your re-routing. You are scheduled at Watford Junction at 17:38. Good luck!

70 minute scenario for DTGs WCML South route. Date: 19th of January 1999. Weather: Snow showers/Overcast. Feedback is much appreciated. Hope you enjoy! 😊

(* means it has its own requirements)
• Weather EP V2
• Signal EP
• Class 321
• Class 319 vol.2
• Class 313 (one static)
• Class 43/HST Valenta EP*
• Class 325 EP*
• Class 56 EP*
• Class 86 EP*
• Class 87
• Class 90+DVT
• FSA/FTA wagons
• Mk2d-f coach pack
• Mk3a-b coach pack
Just Trains
• IWB Cargowaggon
Vulcan Productions
• Class 56 Texture Improvement Pack*
• BodgeItTMD: Virgin Trains West Coast Loco Hauled Pack*
• BodgeItTMD: Ex-Network SouthEast Class 321/4*