1L09 1051 Liverpool Lime Street – Norwich

1L09 1051 Liverpool Lime Street – Norwich

25th June 2020 0 By Adam Forsyth

In this scenario, take the controls of the 1051 EMR service from Liverpool to Norwich as far as Manchester Piccadilly. Your are a fast service across the route calling at Liverpool South Parkway, Widnes, Warrington Central, Manchester Oxford Road and Manchester Piccadilly. You are using a Class 156 and a Class 158 for todays duty


Liverpool to Manchester route
Portsmouth Direct route (London to Portsmouth version)
Virgin Trains Class 390 Add-on (Discontinued) *
Class 150/1 Add-on
Network Southeast Class 159 Add-on

Armstrong Powerhouse;

Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack
Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack
Class 350 Enhancement Pack
Class 150/2 DMU Pack
Class 156 DMU Pack
Class 90 (Freightliner) Pack
Class 319 EMU Pack
Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack **

Alan Thomson Sim;

Class 185 Pack
EMR, Ex East Midlands Trains Class 158
Class 390 Virgin Trains Reskin Pack

* Pack currently discontinued, this is used for static AI only so will fully function without it

** I have used AP’s Extension Weather patterns in this scenario, if you do not own the weather pack, the weather will revert to default and the scenario will function fully

This is my first scenario using AP Weather Extensions (as I have just figured out how to get them to work) so this scenario should have slightly more realistic weather.

This scanrio has been fully tested and works on my end however if you come across any issues then please drop me a comment and I will try my best to fix them. I also welcome constructive feedback