1H12 13:10 London Charing Cross – Hastings (1995)

1H12 13:10 London Charing Cross – Hastings (1995)

30th November 2021 2 By oliver_nicholls

Take a pair of NSE class 411 ‘Kent Coast’ CEP units from Tonbridge to Hastings in the scorching summer sun in 1995.


Backdated Train Sim

– The 1066 Line: Tonbridge to Hastings


– Class 421 ‘4CIG’

Armstrong Powerhouse

– Class 411/412 CEP EMU
– Class 205 ‘Thumper’*

Alan Thomson Simulation
– Class 421 Texture Patch

*- Denotes non-essential

Items in Italics have their own requirements. Please ensure you have these requirements for the AI to show correctly.

To install, copy the ‘Content’ folder into your main Railworks folder.