1C64 Barrow-In-Furness to Windermere

1C64 Barrow-In-Furness to Windermere

30th November 2021 0 By Mashed-up-Scenarios

This run is one of the funky runs the class 185’s did when they worked up to Barrow-In-Furness and Windermere. This move is a positioning run, so there’s a unit at Windermere to form the first service to Manchester Airport the following morning.

*Please note due to the path this service takes it does not have any announcements as of creating*

For this Scenario to work as you need, you will need the following requirements;
• West Coast Mainline Over Shap
• Alan Thomson Simulation Class 185
• Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coaches
• Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2 D-F Coaches
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 156
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 325*
• Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather EP
• BH Reskins Class 390*
• Just Trains Class 153
• Just Trains Voyager Advanced
• On Track Simulation Rail Express Services Weathered Coaches*

*Has its own Dependencies

Installation instructions can be found in the ‘read me’ file that comes with the download.
• Kieran Wright – Creating the Scenario
• Tom King – Testing and making the manual