[CB] 2T07 07:10 London Bridge – Coulsdon Town

[CB] 2T07 07:10 London Bridge – Coulsdon Town

12th September 2019 0 By CrankyBot

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Scenario requested by: aaronjames2083

It’s the weekend and this morning you are to operate 2-Tango-0-7 from London Bridge to Coulsdon Town calling at all stops along the way. Your train for this service is a Class 455/8 formed of 8 coaches.

Scenario Requirements:
– DTG’s Chatham Mainline [STEAM]
– RSC’s South London Network [STEAM] + Superalbs’ Class 377/6/7 Southern Reskin [Superalbs] + Superalbs’ Class 387 Gatwick Express Reskin [Superalbs]
– DTG’s Class 378 [STEAM]
– DTG’s Class 455/8 [STEAM]
– RSC’s Brighton Mainline [STEAM] + ATS’ Class 700/707/717 [AlanThomsomSim]

Difficulty & Duration:
50 Minutes | Medium