1E45 Norwich – Liverpool Lime Street

1E45 Norwich – Liverpool Lime Street

4th March 2021 5 By RossAustin

Today you will be driving this EMR HST from Manchester Piccadilly to Liverpool Lime Street, calling out Manchester Oxford Road, Warrington Central, Liverpool South Parkway and Liverpool Lime street


Liverpool – Manchester Revamped from Steam workshop

Major Wales Design – Class 43 Revamp Pack

AP HST PACKS (all three)
AP 150/1 with its standard 150/1 from steam
AP 156
AP 150/2
AP 158
old Class 390 from steam
AP 175 Version 2
Class 185 From Alan Thomson Sim
AP 66 along with the standard one from steam
AP FSA Wagon pack
AP CLass 90
AP 319
class 220 from steam