1C50 23:45 Paddington-Penzance. (DOWN BEDS)

1C50 23:45 Paddington-Penzance. (DOWN BEDS)

29th January 2020 0 By Robin Price

List of requirements needed
SouthWestern Expressway Reading Extension
SouthWestern Expressway

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 43 MTU
Class 158 EP
Class 66 Freightliner
Mk3 sounds
JHA wagons
JNA wagons

Class 57 gwr sleeper pack
Class 800 gwr
Class 166 plain blue
Class 166 gwr

Class 59
Medway valley route

Class 59 Aggregates Industry, file i.d 37844

Mendip rail box wagons

Alan Thomson Sim
Gwr Mk3 sleeper pack

Hi driver, you are spare at Reading depot and a job has come in. The driver on 1C50 23:45 Padd-Penzance has reported feeling ill. Your task tonight is to take over at Reading and drive to Exeter St Davids where a relief plymouth man will take it forward from there. There are no problems reported apart from a dodgy signal on the approach to Exeter which you will need to tab. So sit back and enjoy the fresh summers night as you travel over the Wiltshire/Somerset/Devon hills. Your only stop is Taunton, and you MAX SPEED IS 75MPH. Timings are from Rtt. AI traffic is made up to a certain degree. Feel free to leave any comments good or bad, and i just hope you enjoy what is my first scenario.