[1B15] 0612 York – Blackpool North

[1B15] 0612 York – Blackpool North

12th January 2020 0 By Graham Newell

[1B15] 0612 York – Blackpool North

In this scenario you will drive a York to Blackpool North ‘Northern’ service between Lostock Hall
and Blackpool North.

This scenario uses to recent ‘Vulcan Productions’ Northern Lines Electric route.

This scenario uses the 2020 Timetable.

Total Scenario time 35 mins


Portsmouth Direct Line: London Waterloo – Portsmouth Route
Class 156 Loco Add-On
Class 159 DMU
Class 325 EMU
EWS Class 66 v2.0
Freightliner Class 66 v2.0 Loco

Class 158 (Cummings) Enhancement Pack
Class 158 (Perkins) Enhancement Pack
Class 350 Enhancement Pack
Class 321 Electric Multiple Unit Pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack

Class 322 – Northern

Vulcan Productions
Northern Lines Electric route.