[CH] 1Z70 “Retro Devon Belle” 16:23 Paignton – Huddersfield 27/05/23

[CH] 1Z70 “Retro Devon Belle” 16:23 Paignton – Huddersfield 27/05/23

1st June 2023 7 By 45596 Bahamas

This is a scenario for SPOERER’s Paddington to Paignton route (Available on ATS)

After an eventful outward bound leg, take Hanson and Hall’s 50008 “Thunderer” and DB’s 67028 from Goodrington sidings, into Paignton and onwards to Bristol with the return leg of the “Retro Devon belle”. You will be tasked with starting the 50 from “Cold”, and setting up the GSMR before moving into Paignton. Enjoy.

Important: The signal at the end of Newton Abbot P1 will need to be “Tabbed” through as well as the signal after, please treat the first signal as amber once the GWR 800 has passed.


AP Class 43 MTU
AP Class 50
AP Class 800 EP
AP Class 66
AP Class 67
AP Class 150/2
ATS Paddington to Paignton route (by SPOERER)
ATS Sliding door HST
JT Voyager 220/221
Superalbs GWR 166 reskin
Superalbs FGW Plain 166 reskin

NON-ESSENTIAL Requirements:

AP Mk1 pack
AP Class 158/159 Cummins
MJW 08 Enhancement
SSS WCRC Class 47 reskin