[JC] Faversham Railtour Part 1

[JC] Faversham Railtour Part 1

12th January 2020 2 By johnno124

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A fictional railtour of the Faversham Mainline. This first part sees you drive the train as far as Sheerness-on-Sea.

2 downloads are included. One using BMG Stannier Class 5 Steam engine and one using the Armstrong Powerhouse class 37. Other than those locos both scenarios are identical

links for all requirements can be found in the readme.
DTG Chatham Mainline
DTG London Faversham High Speed
DTG Sheerness Branch
DTG Brighton Mainline
DTG South London Network
Rolling Stock:
BMG Stannier Class 5 or AP Class 37
AP Mk2 D-F
DTG Class 378 Electrostar
DTG Class 455/8
ATS Class 700 Pack
Class 377/6/7 Southern
Class 378 Aventra Refresh
Class 395 Ten Years Livery
Danny’s London Victoria and St Pancras to Faversham 2016: