1A22– 09:15 Harrogate – London Kings Cross (VTEC 2017)

1A22– 09:15 Harrogate – London Kings Cross (VTEC 2017)

21st January 2021 2 By FunkyDcz

Good morning driver. Today, you are at the controls of Virgin Trains East Coast 43238 with 43311 on the rear. Starting the scenario at Peterborough, set up your train and await your departure time. You will today be running fast to London Kings Cross (But not really). This service will be diverting via the Hertford Loop. Traffic is typical for a mid morning run. However, things don’t always work how they should – especially on the railway!


ECMLS & Hertford Loop AlanThomsonSim (TwistedRedBlack)

European Asset Pack       Steam
Class 91 Pack02               Steam
Class 170 Pack01             Steam
Class 313 Pack                 Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 321Pack                  Armstrong Powerhouse
JHA Wagon Pack              Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 91 EP                       Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 43 MTU                    Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 170 EP                     Armstrong Powerhouse
Richard Fletcher Class 365 FCC (GN) Reskin DP Simulation
Richard Fletcher Class 321 GN (Ex FCC) Reskin DP Simulation

Weather Enhancement Pack Armstrong Powerhouse

That should be everything, anything I’ve missed out, please let me know.


* As with all scenarios utilising AP products, it is ESSENTIAL that you have all extra stock packs installed. This will ensure the correct functionality and working of the scenario!