SAT ONLY 11:04 Chester to Holyhead

SAT ONLY 11:04 Chester to Holyhead

23rd February 2021 4 By mark riley

Hi there and thanks for checking out what is my first uploaded scenario.

The scenario is based on the real life working of a sat only train back in the 1990’s from Chester to Holyhead which I used to see on my visits to the station as a teenager, the service always seemed to arrive as a total mismatch of different liveried DMU’s… The service originated as two portions (one from Manchester Piccadilly and the other from Blackpool North) and these units joined together at Warrington Bank Quay before continuing on to Chester and then onto Holyhead. You will be in charge of the train from Chester to Llandudno Junction.

The timing of the player train is correct as is MOST of the AI however I do not know yet how to find all the WTT info such as headcodes etc so please excuse my lack of these…

There are also a couple of additional fictional AI trains included for effect…

A detailed readme file is included detailing the scenario and related requirements, which are:

Route: North Wales Coastal – Crewe to Llandudno STEAM (currently discontinued)

Armstrong Powerhouse:

Class 37 vol 1 pack
Mk2a Coach pack
Perkins class 158 EP
Class 101/117/121 SP
Class 142 DMU pack #
Class 150/1 EP #
Class 150/2 DMU pack #
Class 156 DMU pack #
Class 314/315 EMU pack (only for Merseyrail AI)

Just Trains:
Class 153 Advanced #

RSC Class 159 DMU pack
Class 101 DMU Regional Railways
BR Class 150/1 DMU pack #
Rail simulator / Kuju Class 43 hst intercity swallow
EWS OTA log wagon (marketplace)

Class 37 WIPAC lights

Items marked with a # are REQUIRED as part of the player train for it to function correctly, all other DLC is for AI purposes only

So thats it, as this is the first scenario I’m uploading to the site I would really appreciate any constructive feedback to help me build my confidence in scenario creation?

Hope you enjoy…

Mark R