—1973 Stock Draft In – The Isle of Wight – (Fictional) —

—1973 Stock Draft In – The Isle of Wight – (Fictional) —

20th January 2021 0 By Class43Harrison

1973 Stock – IOW Draft In – (Fictional) | Duration = 60 Minutes | 3/5 Difficulty
RSDL – Isle Of Wight (Available From Steam)
Alex55 – WCML South (Available From Alan Thomson Sim)
RScott – London Transport (Stock With VDL) (Available From Backdated Train Sim)
1. Unzip the .zip folder (the download).
2. Copy the ‘Content’ folder to your RailWorks Directory.
3. Clear Cache in the ‘Tools’ tab in TS2021.
4. That Should be it.
5. Enjoy!

The Scenario is a cloned scenario that came with the IOW that I have dramatically changed and edited for your enjoyment.

I DO NOT accept any responsibilty if something goes wrong with the download or your device.
Hopefully everything should be alright. 😀

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Class43Harrison – 21:03 – Tuesday 19th January 2021

Stay Safe! 😀