43046/43047/ 1Z44 0701 Eastleigh – Scarborough (LSL)

43046/43047/ 1Z44 0701 Eastleigh – Scarborough (LSL)

4th September 2022 1 By Luin Danso

Hello, this is one ‘standard’ scenario for the ATS London Kings Cross – Cambridge to Kings Lynn route.
Duration: 50 minutes.

Track Covered:
Kings Cross – Peterborough

To install, simply extract the .zip file using whichever software you have and copy the ‘Content’ folder to your RailWorks install “usually” found here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks

Weather Conditions: Low Wind

Season: Summer 2022
>Scenario Guide:
You begin this scenario north of Kings Cross at Camden Road junction at the Gaswork Tunnels. You are aboard Midland Pullman HST (43046 and 43047) formed of 8 Coaches. This scenario was set in August 2022 with this diagram starting from Eastleigh and working across the Western Mainline and onto the East Coast Mainline for most of the remainder of the journey. In this scenario, you will be driving non-stop via Peterborough as your passenger stops were towards the start of the journey from Eastleigh. For this journey you will be reaching speeds of 125mph and making sure passengers have a comfortable experience along the Midland Pullman. This scenario was set on 27/08/2022 where there was some advised services due to shortage of train crew. However, this scenario depicts the actual workings and some extra such as Freight that was added.
Calling Patterns:
(Non-stop via Peterborough)

(For Route)

ATS London Kings Cross – Cambridge/ Kings Lynn

AP Class 43 VP185 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 43 (Valenta) Enhancement Pack
AP Class 43 (MTU) Enhancement Pack
AP Class 91 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 800 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 700 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 170 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 90 (Freightliner) Pack (For Wagons)
DTG Class 170
DTG Class 700
DTG Train Simulator: East Coast Main Line London-Peterborough Route Add-On
Steam: WCML South
European Loco & Asset Pack
MJWs Class 43 Revamp Pack
InterCity 225 LNER/VTEC Pack off ATS
Class 387/3 Ex-C2C – Great Northern

— I love making scenarios and sharing it with you guys 🙂

— I hope you take care 🙂