1Z90 – Birmingham Surroundings To Preston (2021)

1Z90 – Birmingham Surroundings To Preston (2021)

20th January 2021 0 By DieselTerminal

Hello and thank you for checking out this scenario. You will be taking 90002 and 82139 on a Charter between Just outside of Birmingham and Preston, calling at Wolverhampton, Crewe, Hartford, Warrington Bank Quay and Preston. This scenario has NO AI between Crewe And Preston. I hope you enjoy and forgive the lack of AI throughout some of the journey, thanks.

Requirements: (Marked * are essential)

– * SpeedyPete’s WCML Missing Link (With Associated Requirements)
– * AP Class 90 Mk3 Pack
– * AP Class 43 Valenta EP (With Associated Requirements)
– * LSL Class 90 Reskin (From ATS)
– * WCML South (NEW)
– Major Wales Class 390 Revamp Pack
– AP Class 66 EP (With Associated Requirements)
– AP FSA Wagon Pack
– AP Class 350 EP (With Associated Requirements)
– DTG Cross Country Class 220 Pack (Discontinued)

I hope you enjoy this run! 🙂 If you have any feedback or fault complaints please don’t hesitate to leave a comment! (PS: If you are wondering why it starts from outside of Birmingham, it is because I didn’t have WCML South when I started making the scenario. I revived the scenario today and added a bit of AI between Birmingham and Crewe 🙂 )