16th January 2019 52 By Clowes

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After the VTEC & LNER IC225 pack, there was some natural progression just waiting to occur. That of course turned into the VTEC & LNER IC125 Pack! The BH Reskins & Superalbs pack was to us a thing of its time, so using our skillset we have endeavoured to give you the same features as the IC225 Pack, if not more.

A notable list of features include:
– High-Res HST reskins for both Virgin Trains East Coast and London North Eastern Railway
– Custom created decal textures for high accuracy
– Brand new Mk3 sides, modelled in order to accomodate the VTEC/LNER livery, something the Kuju mapping can’t.
– Accurate Mk3 variants, including differences between sets (such as EC64 and NL65)
– New 3D Horn Grille
– Automatic 3D Nameplates and/or 2D decals on to the relevant Power Cars
– Coach Letter Decals featuring Seat Numbers
– Window Destination Sheets, featuring all HST services.
– Ability to use the Destination Sheets from the IC225 Pack, for when HSTs cover IC225 services
– Automatic Flashing Tail Lamp (both Power Cars and Mk3s)
– Both VTEC and LNER PreLoads, listed under IC125.

Download, and enjoy!

This pack has been a collaboration between me (Lewis Clowes), James Ivell and Ash Clark.
Thank you to Chris Horsfield for his assistance and Alan Thomson for showcasing the pack, both in-dev and release versions.


Note: If you intend on installing via the ATS Installer, please download the MANUAL install file.


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