16th January 2019 64 By Clowes

After the VTEC & LNER IC225 pack, there was some natural progression just waiting to occur. That of course turned into the VTEC & LNER IC125 Pack! The BH Reskins & Superalbs pack was to us a thing of its time, so using our skillset we have endeavoured to give you the same features as the IC225 Pack, if not more.

A notable list of features include:
– High-Res HST reskins for both Virgin Trains East Coast and London North Eastern Railway
– Custom created decal textures for high accuracy
– Brand new Mk3 sides, modelled in order to accomodate the VTEC/LNER livery, something the Kuju mapping can’t.
– Accurate Mk3 variants, including differences between sets (such as EC64 and NL65)
– New 3D Horn Grille
– Automatic 3D Nameplates and/or 2D decals on to the relevant Power Cars
– Coach Letter Decals featuring Seat Numbers
– Window Destination Sheets, featuring all HST services.
– Ability to use the Destination Sheets from the IC225 Pack, for when HSTs cover IC225 services
– Automatic Flashing Tail Lamp (both Power Cars and Mk3s)
– Both VTEC and LNER PreLoads, listed under IC125.

Download, and enjoy!


Note: If you intend on installing via the ATS Installer, please download the MANUAL install file. Version 1.1 is ONLY available in MANUAL format.


(05-07-2020 1600)
Fixed U0/1/2/3 showing V0/1/2/3
Comprehensive TRFB Update featuring all 5 variants (number based)
Some new artwork on 40805 (Hull TRFB)
Amalgamated 238 (Plain Red) and 299 (Red Cab) into this download
Some Power Cars use Logo Decals (more will in future for further space saving)
Mk3 decal clipping partially reduced at a distance
Added Bicycle Decal to TGS


European Loco & Asset Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 43 VP185 Enhancement Pack NL65 PreLoad Only