Network SouthEast Scenario Pack (WCML South)


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This scenario pack was created to bring 7 highly accurate Network SouthEast AC workings to Train Simulator, covering the southernmost part of the West Coast Main Line, between Rugby and the terminus London Euston. All workings are based on the 1993/94 Working Timetable, and have accurate passing traffic in terms of passenger and parcel workings.

The scenarios utilise the Class 321 by Armstrong Powerhouse, and included with this scenario pack is a patch to correct the OHLE (Overhead Line Equipment) sticker provided with the Network SouthEast livery. In addition to this, reskins of the Class 87, Class 90 and MK3 DVT have been included improve their colour accuracy. These reskins require West Coast Main Line North by DTG and Class 86 Enhancement Pack by Armstrong Powerhouse, and Class 90/Mk3 DVT Pack by Armstrong Powerhouse respectively. These reskins have kindly been provided by the Alan Thomson Simulation team (Class 87) and Bodge It TMD (Class 90 and MK3 DVT).

The total scenario time is 445 minutes (roughly 7.5 hours), and feature stopping, semi-fast and Empty Coaching Stock workings. The scenarios are varied in terms of season, weather and time of day to ensure a high level of immersion.

Read about the scenarios and their requirements in the manual:

In addition to the scenario requirements, it’s essential that you have all route requirements. To ensure the weather works as intended, make sure that you have the Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack by Armstrong Powerhouse.

Please note: This pack is for the Alex55 WCML South Route 

Update 13/04/2020

To further add realism to the pack, scenarios set in the summer now have additional scripting that uses an algorithm to determine if the driver side cab window of AI services should be open or closed. The chance of a cab window being open is randomised to simulate driver preference, but is only open within a certain speed range due to excessive noise at higher speeds. The status of the cab window is evaluated every few minutes. Please note that this only applies to the Class 321, as this is the only unit or locomotive in the scenarios that supports the opening of the cab window. In addition to this, some scenario timings have been adjusted to make them more achievable in the simulator

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