ATS/Imbue Rail Express Systems Postal Pack


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Rail Express Systems (RES) was formed in the 1980s as part of British Rail’s Sectorisation Scheme. They were responsible for handling and transporting Mail and Parcels across the British Rail Network on behalf of Royal Mail. They were also subject to charter work on behalf of Intercity and other touring companies, as well as haulage of the Royal Train.

Alan Thomson Simulation, in Collaboration with Imbue Studios, presents the Rail Express Systems Postal Pack (RES pack). The pack includes 5 different coaches that were used by RES, along with an enhancement of the Class 47.


Included in this pack is:

  • Mk1 NAA (Propelling Control Vehicle/PCV)
  • Mk1 NBA (Super BG)
  • Mk1 NKA (Super GUV)
  • Mk1 NSA (Travelling Post Office/TPO Sorting Van)
  • Mk1 NTA (Travelling Post Office/TPO Stowage Van)
  • Enhanced Class 47* (With RES Reskin – Additional Reskins Also Included within Extra Stock)
  • 5 Scenarios

Requirements for the Pack**:

*Class 47 Enhancements include Cab Texture Updates, Default Sound Work Improvements, Front End Lighting Models, Updated Physics, etc. These have created by our own Jake Fuller.

**Note Included Scenarios have their own requirements. See link below to see Scenario Requirements.

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