2C12 08:50 Great Malvern to Westbury (2019)

2C12 08:50 Great Malvern to Westbury (2019)

29th August 2020 0 By Cactus732

In this 2-part scenario you’ll be going back to summer of 2019 to drive 158798, GWR’s only true 3-car 158, on a full run from Great Malvern to Westbury via Worcester, Gloucester, Bristol and Bath. All AI is timed per the relevant 2019 timetables with protoypical consists.

Scenario Length Part 1: 2hrs
Scenario Lenght Part 2: 55 Minutes

Scenario Route Part 1: XC Route Extended
Scenario Route Part 2: Southwestern Expressways


AP Class 158 Cummins EP + Ash442978 (VP) FGW 158 MSL Patch
AP Class 170EP (Part 1 Only) + Vulcan Productions Arriva XC Pack (Part 1 Only)
AP MTU HST EP + JamesIvell (ATS) Mk3 Sliding Doors(Part 1 Only) + Clowes(ATS) GWR Welshman (Part 1 Only)
AP 150/1 EP + Majorwales GWR 150/0 (Part 1 Only)
AP Class 66EP + BodgeitTMD (ATS) Freightliner Reskin Pack (Pt.1*)
AP JPA Wagons
AP FSA/FTA Wagons (Part 2 Only)
AP HHA Wagon Pack*
DTG Class 801 + Superalbs GWR Reskin
DTG Brighton Mainline + Superalbs London Midland Class 172 (Part 1 Only)
European Loco + Asset Pack + Superalbs GWR 166 and FGW Plain Blue 166
JT Voyager Advanced + Leander (ATS) 220/221 Updated Consists

*=Static AI not required for full functionality, but recommended for intended immersion.