ATS Class 142 Scenario Pack


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Love them or hate them, the Class 142 has earned itself a rightful place in the recent history of Britain’s railways. Conceived at a time when investment in the rail network was under close scrutiny, the ‘Pacers’ were built 1985-1987 and were in essence a high speed 4 wheel freight wagon chassis combined with a body based upon the Leyland National bus.

Plagued in their early years with reliability issues, they had an intended life span of 20 years but as can often be the case with such intentions, they outlived this with the final examples being withdrawn from service in 2020. Indeed, they have since proved popular with heritage railways, ensuring that they will live on for future generations.

In Train Simulator Classic, this scenario pack showcases the Armstrong Powerhouse Class 142. 2.0, consisting of seven standard scenarios and adding over six and a half hours driving time over the Huddersfield Line: Leeds Manchester route.

Set during the summer and autumn of 2014, at a time when the 142’s could be found at work all over Yorkshire and Greater Manchester, operating with Northern Rail alongside other DMU classes on the network of local services based upon Leeds and Manchester.

All scenarios have been compiled using period timetables and official documentation, hopefully to give you an engaging and immersive experience.


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Huddersfield Line: Manchester – Leeds Route

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Note that these scenarios are designed to be used with the 64-bit version of Train Simulator and on a system with at least 8GB of RAM.

It is essential that you have the latest versions of the required DLC installed, before running these scenarios.


[ATS-142] 2E70 0641 Stalybridge – Huddersfield

Track Covered = Newton Heath Depot to Huddersfield

Traction = Northern 142036

Year = 2014

Duration = 60 Minutes

[ATS-142] 2J02 0615 Marsden – Leeds

Track Covered = Huddersfield to Leeds via Marsden

Traction = Northern 142089

Year = 2014

Duration = 80 Minutes

[ATS-142] 2J05/2J06 Stalybridge – Manchester Vic. – Stalybridge

Track Covered = Stalybridge to Manchester Victoria and back

Traction = Northern 142005

Year = 2014

Duration = 45 Minutes

[ATS-142] 2J48 1859 Huddersfield – Leeds

Track Covered = Huddersfield to Leeds

Traction = Northern 142095

Year = 2014

Duration = 45 Minutes

[ATS-142] 2J61 2126 Leeds – Huddersfield

Track Covered = Leeds to Huddersfield

Traction = Northern 142044

Year = 2014

Duration = 50 Minutes

[ATS-142] 2M95 0631 Huddersfield – Manchester Victoria

Track Covered = Huddersfield to Manchester Victoria

Traction = Northern 142030

Year = 2014

Duration = 65 Minutes

[ATS-142] 2N60 1648 Huddersfield – Blackburn

Track Covered = Huddersfield to Manchester Victoria

Traction = Northern 142051

Year = 2014

Duration = 55 Minutes

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