(WM) 1P13 04:50 Hereford – London Paddington (2017)

(WM) 1P13 04:50 Hereford – London Paddington (2017)

28th June 2020 0 By Whitemead

Currently at Oxford on a foggy morning which is planned to clear throughout the morning. Just took over class 43163 (Plymouth special Livery) on a mixed FGW/GWR set from another driver which has just arrived from Hereford. You will take this service all the way to London Paddington calling at Didcot Parkway, Reading & Non stop to Paddington. At the moment no delays have been reported but this is GWML after all anything can happen.. (Traffic: Heavy), 80 minutes long. Dated: 2017 autumn & Route: Western Mainlines from Just Trains

Steam: Class 70 —- Class 180 —- Class 455 EMU —- Medway Valley Lines Route —- ALL (X)
Laaeks 553 Car wagons (Marketplace)(X) Or swap for “Just Trains” 67 Car Carriers (X)

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 43 MTU EP —– Class 66 EP
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack (Used in this scenario)
AP Wagons: —– FSA/FTA, —– JNA-C —– HKA/JMA —– ALL = (X)

Just Trains: —- Voyager Advanced —- Class 20 Advanced —- Chiltern Main Line —- ALL (X)

Class 59/0 Aggregate Industries – ID: 37844 (UKTS) (X)
Class 43163: Plymouth & Class 70: Colas Rail (X) (DPsimulation – RF72)
Class 800/802 Great Western Railway (X) & Class 360: Heathrow (X) (Superalbs)
43093: Old Oak Common (X) & Night Riviera MK3 coach pack (X) (alanthomsonsim)
Class 166: FGW Plain Blue/ GWR – & – Class 387: GWR (Superalbs) ALL Needed on this line!

GWR HST Power Car Pack (Vulcan Productions)
Class 180 Revamp Pack (X) & FGW HST Nameplate Pack (X) (Major Wales Design)
Western Region Class 57/6 Pack (X) & FGW Class 43172 (X) (Vulcan Productions)

UKTS Freeware Packs: — UK Carriages — UK Classic Diesel/ Electric — UK Wagons — ALL (X)

NOTE: At the time of this scenario (2017) This route IRL would of had wires passed Maidenhead & 387s at this location. Due to i have made scenarios on modded routes before & have ended up in the bin. I decided to still use the default version of Western Mainlines. 2017 had a mix of livery’s & traction so i still went ahead with creating this scenario.

PLEASE READ: You MUST have ALL the requirements which have NOT got a (X) for this scenario to work correctly. This scenario will NOT run correctly if missing importance requirements.
(Requirements listed (X) are non-essential,but are recommended)

Class 360 reskin from superalbs replaces the heathrow services & class 455s replaces 458s