WCML over Shap freight pack 2011

WCML over Shap freight pack 2011

29th July 2021 2 By jjjack

The WCML over Shap freight pack follows 6 services over 8 scenarios as you tackle the steep Shap gradients between Carlisle and Preston. A variety of traction has been used and 3 northbound and 3 southbound services have been included to give you several full runs in both directions. Artistic licence has been used to keep the scenarios engaging, however the services you drive and see in game are representative of the time period in which these take place. Many of the scenarios included being looped to allow higher priority trains to overtake. The 6K73 and 6C16 scenarios have been split due to the amount of waiting time at their split points required to make a full run, but where possible scenarios have been kept as one singular run to emulate the actual duty of a real freight driver. This means that some of these scenarios are long, and include waiting times of roughly 30 minutes in various loops.

Scenario List:
37682 + 37688 6K73 Sellafield – Crewe (Part 1) (Upperby – Shap summit)
37682 + 37688 6K73 Sellafield – Crewe (Part 2) (Shap summit – Preston)
86613 + 86614 4M74 Coatbridge – Crewe (Carlisle – Preston)
66620 4S42 Fiddlers Ferry – Carlisle (Preston – Carlisle)
92045 4M63 Mossend – Hams Hall (Carlisle – Preston)
70010 6C16 Crewe – Carlisle (Part 1) (Preston – Grayrigg)
70010 6C16 Crewe – Carlisle (Part 2) (Grayrigg – Carlisle Yard)
67005 1S96 Willesden – Shieldmuir (Preston – Carlisle)

For individual requirements of each scenario please refer to the manual included in the .zip file. See below for a master list of all DLC required to run every scenario.

Class 37 Vol. 1
Class 66 Enhancement Pack (+ Prerequisite DLC)
Class 67 Enhancement Pack (+ Prerequisite DLC)
Class 86 Enhancement Pack (+ Prerequisite DLC)
Class 90 Freightliner
Class 90/MK3 DVT
Class 92 Sound Pack (+ Prerequisite DLC)
Class 142
Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack (+ Prerequisite DLC)
Class 156
Class 158 Cummins EP (+ Prerequisite DLC)
Class 325 Enhancement Pack (+ Prerequisite DLC)
Class 390 Sound Pack

Class 185 Pack – https://alanthomsonsim.com/downloads/fuller-simulations-class-185-pack/
Voyager Updated Consists – https://alanthomsonsim.com/downloads/jt-class-220-221-no-driver-no-passengers-pack/

Chatham Main & Medway Valley
WCML South
WCML Trent Valley

Class 20 Collection
Class 153
JJA Autoballaster
Voyager Advanced

EWS BYA Repaint – https://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/rf72wagons.html
HQA ‘Post Railtrack’ Autoballaster Repaint – https://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/rf72wagons.html
MJW Class 390 Revamp Pack – https://www.major.wales/revamp-packs/390
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