Virgin Trains Mk3B DVT “Pretendolino” Reskin

Virgin Trains Mk3B DVT “Pretendolino” Reskin

22nd December 2022 1 By JamesIvell

This Reskin is for the AP/Waggonz Mk3 DVT depict the Mk3 DVT that was painted in a livery similar to the one carried by the Pendolino and Voyagers as part of a Mk3 set to replace 390033 after it was Written off from the 2007 Grayrigg derailment
This Pack includes 3 Variants of the DVT With and Without the Virgin Logo and a Variant with the Abellio Greater Anglia logo.


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Armstrong Powerhouse: Class 90 (Freightliner) (Only required for quick drive consist)