The Sussex Lines V0.5

The Sussex Lines V0.5

3rd February 2024 4 By GeorgeBeany

The Sussex Lines is a vast project to bring many lines that are seen around the counties of East and West Sussex into light within Train Simulator.

The main route winding down from London through the heart of Sussex is the Brighton Mainline, a busy mainline running into Brighton via places such as Redhill, Gatwick Airport and Haywards Heath. This is the artery of The Sussex Lines.

The Coastway Lines take you along the amazing south coast of the UK from seaside towns such as Hastings, Eastbourne, Worthing, Littlehampton and Bognor Regis. Within the route you can drive along the busy West Coastway from the city of Brighton to West Worthing.

What the route includes:

The West Coastway – Brighton to West Worthing
The Brighton Mainline – Brighton to Gatwick Airport


Wherry Lines (the Steam Version only)
North Somerset Railway
Brighton Mainline
WCML South
Portsmouth Direct Line : London Waterloo – Portsmouth
ECML : London to Peterborough
Chatham Mainline Original
Chatham Mainline : London – Dover & Ramsgate (Only for Station PIS Boards)
European Loco & Asset Pack

Level Crossing Pack (comes with any ATS Route e.g. Kings Cross Kings Lynn, Chat Moss)

Just Trains:
Common Library (comes with JT MML Route, only via the JT Website sadly)

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Wherry Lines V2.0 (The Most recent Update that has the new trees)


TS Academy (comes with the game already)

Southern Stop Car Markers

4 Aspect Simulations (Now hosted on On Track Simulations):
Railway Signage Pack

(The Requirements are also stated in the manual included in the download)

Scenarios are included and what they are, are stated in the manual!